Customizable Cake

Kutie Patooties Gift Boutique



Can't find the exact decorated cake you're looking for? That's okay, that is where customizing your own comes in. Order this cake and get it customized to fit your theme, decor and needs! 

This 3-Tier  Diaper Cake is made with 50 size 1 (8-14lbs.) with your choice of Diapers. All of the diapers are usable when the cake is taken apart. This particular cake is showing what our cakes look like before they are customized. Order this one to get your customized design. Your cake will then be wrapped with coordinating ribbon and decor, and then expertly decorated with accessories and bows to match the decor you have ordered. 

It makes for the perfect modern and trendy baby shower gift to send to a friend, co-worker, loved one expecting a boy or girl, decor for babies nursery, or used as a beautiful centerpiece for baby shower.



-----Are you looking for someone who can make you a custom diaper cake??? Let us know your need!!! We make unique, custom diaper cakes daily and would be honored to make yours. Just message us with a color scheme or idea you are looking for and we will help guide you thru the process and pricing, to ensure your recipient enjoys your personal diaper cake-----